Saturday, June 20, 2015

Don't mess with Quran.

Beware of Mis-translations of Quran |
How wrong was I to believe that almost all Muslims were aware of the mis-translations of Quran. It came as a big surprise to me to know that there are  Muslims  who innocently believe that everything they read "about" Quran is divine without ever questioning it. Please be aware that there are two translations of Quran that are not only wrong, but bad. They have attempted to mess with Quran, but failed.

Quran is for the entire humanity, but the Hilali Khan/Mohsin Khan duo's translation has reduced it to the exclusive book of Muslims. If a Jew, Christian or a Hindu were to read it, they have every reason to fear Muslims and the "Muslim God " who teaches hatred towards them.  All you had to do to acquire the free copy of this book was  to call 1-800 number and they would send a free copy of the Quran, I have no idea how many copies are out there in the hands of innocent people,  we can check the boasting emails or news letters proclaiming how many million copies were distributed.  A lot of damage was done.  The good news is many of the mis-translation are fixed since 2012.

Hilali Khan and Mohsin Khan Duo as great scholars. They mis-translated the Quran around 1924, and as Muslims blessed with the courage to speak, we have to disagree.
Let us not elevate any human’s words to be on par with God – men like Hilali Khan, Mohsin Khan, Tamiya, Kathir, Banna, Qutub, Maududi, Shah Waliullah and other fallible humans have made several mistakes. We should not give their word equivalency to God’s word. 

Whatever their intention was, these men have messed up the translations and interpretations of Quran. The brunt of Islamophobia that we are dealing with today was mothered by their work.  Indeed, the Spencers, Gellers, Baghdadis, Bin Ladens and Awalakis believe in that version of Islam.

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