Monday, December 3, 2012

Quran debate in Musuem of Tolerance

My friend from Israel, Ilan Leibowitz shared the following video, a debate between  Mosab Hassan and Jihad Turk

Ilan and I have been exchanging information about respecting each others religions, and we agree that religion can offer solutions and indeed, it is because of the religion we have peace, without which the world would have been chaotic. 

We are human with our insecurities, and religion, every religion offers guidance, most of us get it, a few don't. If am ugly, bad or good, its me reacting and not my religion.

Hassan is a former Muslim and claims to know Islam well, but made the same mistake that everyone who thrives on hearsay. That Quraan says Jews are decedents of apes and pigs, that Prophet Married a 9 year old, that he ordered killing of Jews in Khaybar.... all of these have been answered in the Quraan conference, and are here on this site. The response by Jihad Turk, is identical to mine.

I really like Jihad Turk, he is the kind of Muslim who should be talking about Islam, of course, besides me.  His language was similar to mine.

It is a good, straight video.

By the way, some of these videos are listed on the right panel of this site

Mike Ghouse