Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boycotting Quran application on i-phone

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An email has been forwarded a few times from respected Imam Zafar Anjum and other Muslim groups like Frisco Masjid and Irving Muslims. I am posting this at www.WorldMuslimCongress.com, www.Quraantoday.com and to the World MuslimCongress@yahoogroups.com, and other Muslim groups of Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh where it could hurt fellow Muslims. 

There are 25 Quraan translations on the market today, most of them are alright, a few of them are great and two of them are ugly. One was written in 1042 AD and is the foundation for Islamophobia, and the other one was translated by a Muslim Hilali Khan in 1920’s.

The hate and Islamophobia we see today emanated from this translation with 60 deliberate mistranslations, causing ill-will towards Jews and Christians. The Hilali Khan translation has projected God (Muslim God?) as hateful towards Christians and Jews. Thank God, much of this is corrected since 2011 - but millions of copies are out there promoting hatred. By engaging with the right wingers like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others, I have learned the sources of their false premises. It is this translation. 
Full story and a whole lot of links at www.QuraanConference.com

The merciful God does hates his creation nor Prophet Muhammad hates the universe. Indeed Prophet is the mercy to mankind (Q 21:107) and God is Lord of the Universe (1:2). We need to believe in this rather than uttering it without meaning it. 

There was another translation by evangelist that got distributed in Kuwait after the desert storm, and thank God, it got stopped immediately.

And now there is a claim about another translation by Ahmadiyya Muslims that has been urged to boycott.

We are Muslims, and not Mozzies, the African Americans are African Americans and not the “N’,  the Ahmadiyya Muslims are Ahmadiyya and not Qadianis.  What did Allah and Prophet say about this?  I am sure each one of us can Quote a lot of Quraan and Hadith without meaning it. It is time we believe in what we quote. 

I urge Imam Zafar Anjum and all others involved in passing the following note, to be specific as to where it is wrong, otherwise we become part of the propaganda machine. Before declaring it is wrong, how does it stack up with 25 other translations? If it is not wrong, why pick on it? Let people read multiple versions of translations, at least it makes them think, the true Iqra will take place with that.
If Maulvi She Ali's translation is wrong, we have a solution; we can ask the Ahmadiyya Muslims to correct it. Insha Allah, I will undertake that mission. Let not our prejudice cause us to be unjust, isn't that what God says?

This is the note in circulation:


Important Warning! 

            As-Salamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu
A new version of the Quran has been released on the Apple APP STORE by the ahmadiyyah/qadiani community.

The name of the app is "The Holy Quran, Arabic text and English translation". "Translated by Maulvi Sher Ali, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community" has been clearly mentioned in the app information in iPhone App Store.|

Please make Muslims aware not to buy/download this app!

Boycott this product as the contents of this application are incorrect/misleading & contradict the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith.

Please forward this to everyone so they are made aware even to those without androids or iPhones so they can inform others insha-Allah

Jazak Allah Khair
Mike Ghouse