Monday, July 7, 2014

Quran Formula - Quran verses about Justice


Let me share a formula that I have discovered in Quran about most of the verses about justice.  I hope this gives you confidence about Quran and its wisdom, you can apply this to any verse, provided you read three verses before and three verses after the given verse.  Take a look at the 2nd part of item 5, it sounds bad, but if you read the first part and 2nd, it makes sense.

1. You mind your own business
2. Someone throws you out of your own space and seeks to destroy you.
3. You ask them to back off
4. If they still come after you, you hit them back in self-defense.
5. If they do not stop, you chase them and shoot them wherever you find them
6. But if they seek to retrieve, you let them
7. The Ultimate goal of Islam is peace, harmony and cohesive societies, most people get this right and a few don’t, and that is the case with every faith and everything in life.

Items 1-5 is universal law, indeed it is the American law. Quran takes you a step further.

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Jazak Allah Khair

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