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God wants his creation to co-exist in harmony and the Qur’aan is God’s guidance to live in peace with oneself and what surrounds one; life and matter. The human weakness manufactures imaginary enemies, so did the European Medieval Kings in the 11th century, who paid to deliberately mis-translate the Qur’aan for their obvious gains, they duped the public then, and most of non-Muslim Islamic Scholars today are doing the same thing.

Hilali Khan, a Muslim also mistranslated the book to appease his extremist friends, that is the free copy you may have it in your hands. Just remember God wants goodness for his creation, every one of it, then read Qur’aan in that light. Mohammad Asad’s translation is recommended at this time until a good one comes along where anyone on the earth can read it and feel that God wants all of us to live in peace and harmony. Finding the truth is your own responsibility.

The purpose of this blog is to clarify the misunderstandings about Qur'aan. Qur'aan is the word of God, and God is about Justice and peace. It is his creation and he certainly wants harmony and co-existence and a balance for his creation.

Qur’aan is in Arabic language and every word of it is preserved through the process of memorization over a period of fourteen centuries. Every t and I are checked thoroughly to ensure its accuracy.

As the curiosity to learn about Islam arose, translation work began. Since, translations hinge on one's understanding of God's words, three versions were produced; Genuine translations, ill-translations and mis-translations.

The first known translation was made in 1143 CE upon the request of the Abbot of monastery and abounds in inaccuracies, several translations have occurred since then multiplying the errors. European knowledge base on Islam is founded on mis-translations. Most of the Christian and Jewish scholars draw their knowledge from it and propagate the same for material gains. The European and American Islamic Scholars need to add a refresh button to their knowledge.

To you, the common man, who has access to the translation in English, you are genuinely confused, which one is the right one.

Apply the litmus test: Does the translations build hatred and ill-will in you, then it is the wrong one. On the other hand if it causes you to think in terms of harmony and co-existence, you got the right one.

Today we have about 22 translations on the net; many are closer to the word of God and some are not. It is up to you to find the truth.

Recommended:  Mohammad Asad's translation.

Falsified Translation: Hilali Khan - it is the free Qur'aan you pick up in the market. It is hateful towards Jews and Christians.

Orgins of Islamophobia

Deliberate defamation & Propagation of Misconceptions.

Roots of Islamophobia in the early Orientalist Translations

The first Qur'an translation was into Latin by Robert of Ketton in 1143. It was made at the request of the Abbot of the monastery of Cluny. (Abounds in inaccuracies)
Another Latin translation by Ludovicus Marracci was published in 1698. It was supplemented with quotes from Qur'an commentaries "carefully juxtaposed and sufficiently garbled so as to portray Islam in the worst possible light" (Colin Turner, 1997 p. xii).

The title of the introductory volume of such translation was A Refutation of the Qur'an.

Such translations formed the foundation for a number of subsequent translations into English, French, Italian, German, etc.

The first English translation was that of Alexander Ross published in 1649. In his introduction, Ross says "I thought good to bring it to their colours, that so viewing thine enemies in their full body, thou must the better prepare to encounter … his Alcoran" (p. A3).

Similarly, H. Reckendorf (1857) says in his Hebrew translation of the Qur'an, "I can now stop writing and ask God's pardon for the sin I committed when I profaned our sacred language and transferred to it the talk of lies and falsehood" (as cited in Abdul Aal, January 29, 2006, p. 78).

In 1734, George Sale’s translation came out based on Marracci’s earlier notorious work. In 1861, J. M. Rodwell’s work provided a further example of a writer "gunning for Islam" (Turner, 1997, p. xii).

Courtesy: Ibrahim Saleh & Dahlia Sabry Researchers at Al-Azhar University, Cairo
Foundationless castles

You may discover to your chagrin, that many of the Neocons Doctors on Islam have built their castles on wrong foundation. In fact Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham Junior's information on Islam comes from these falsities.

When the European Kings were attacked by the invading Arab Armies, one of the ways they could get their subjects to defend their Kingdoms was through a campaign of hate.

They roped in the pope to issue a fatwa against 'infidel' Muslims, and then paid the evil writers to mis-translate the Qur'aan with the intent of enraging the good Christians to go on crusades to kill the infidels. This is one part of the equation; the second part is even the Arab Kings had the Qur'aan mistranslated to enrage Muslims against the other infidels. Check out the Hilali translation in the title Bismillah on this Blog.

Neither Islam nor Christianity would have approved any of the non-sense of crusades, inquisitions and other massacres. It was all done to protect and annex the lands that belonged to each other.

I wish the average Christians and Muslims had not fallen into the trap of hatred for the gains of the dead Kings and today's virtual Live Kings with similar goals of controlling resources with no care for their faith or human lives.

It is time for the humanity to go for the truth. All religions were issued by the creator for the individuals to find a balance and peace for themselves and with other humans and environment.

The truth is all religions are for the good of mankind, where ever you see wickedness; it has the non-Godly element in it.

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