Saturday, February 14, 2009

Qur'aan is just God's words

I was appalled about the belief that Qur'aan is a book of God's word and what the other writers have added including Sunnah, and this comes out of an interfaith conversation.

Let me clarify a few misunderstandings;
  1. Qur'aan is God's word revealed through Prophet Muhammad.
  2. Qur'aan was organized and compiled during the time of the 2nd Caliph.
  3. Qur'aan has the same words 1400 years ago as they are today. It is not jibberish
  4. Qur'aan was paid to mistranslate around the time of Crusades by the European Kings, however the script in Arabic has not changed and has remained the same all times.
  5. Hadith is a separate book, it is a compilation of Prophet's saying, it is simply a supplementary book and not a replacement. Hadith was fully compiled way after the death of the Prophet, as such, the scholars went through a rigorous process of authenticating the sources. However, still a few quotes have slipped by and at times contradict the general principles of Qur'aan. Qur'aan is the Word of God and it takes precedence over every other book written and compiled by any one.
  6. Sharia is not Qur'aan - Sharia is a set of guidelines (later on took the place of rules) deduced and interpreted from the Qur'aan. Sharia is not divine. Only God is divine and nothing else is. Since it was done to meet the needs of the time they were compiled, they reflected those needs. For More on it please refer to the blog
As time permits, I will address a few more items that are misundersood.

Mike Ghouse

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