Monday, August 4, 2008

Propaganda against Qur'aan Challenged.

The right wingers challenge to Qur'aan

I have taken up a few challenges with the right wingers in the past, and I know it is a waste of time with the hard core Neocons. They have their judgments in place and facts don't mean a thing to them. They have build their castle on a false foundation.

The last one was with Robert Spencer; it was quite exhaustive at the Front page magazine, which thrives on fear and asking for money. However, they are honest about presenting another point of view.

The other one was with Geert Wilders, the Fitna guy, he has read my response an acknowledged it, but still would not stand corrected.

Now, I am undertaking this with yet another group. If any one of you is interested in part-taking, please let me know. It will be an intense dialogue.

I believe all religions are beautiful and none is graded to be superior or inferior. I am a Muslim by choice and pleased to be one, I may not believe what others believe, as others may not believe what I believe. I will accept them for who they are, as they would accept me for who I am. I will not disrespect any faith, as it amounts to arrogance, and Islam is not about arrogance. Arrogance kills the very spirit of Islam – Justice, peace and equality. As the saying goes beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I will say faith is in the heart of the believer. Islam is about Live and let live. Learning to accept and respect other’s right to exist and belief is the hallmark of Civil societies.

I wrote to them in response to their letter below:

Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR is focusing on the issues that are important on any give day, i.e, Civil rights, that will benefit Muslims and every American, just as the Hindu American foundation or the Jewish American Jewish Congress are working, and their work will benefit them and every American.

It is time to get over the propaganda been dished out over the years. There is no such verse "that ignites violence against 'Kafirs' in Qur'aan". If you have the list produce me one. Not what is handed down to you, but the one you can point to? Remember, finding the truth is one's own responsibility. You have an open challenge here. Let’s clean the slates and live in peace, one person at a time.

Terrorism is committed by individuals and not religions, these are the dirty games played by individuals donning the mask of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or any one. They have everything to gain to upload hatred between people.

Islamophobia began in the 10th century - the only way the kings of Europe could stop the kings of Arabia by getting run over, was by playing the dirty game...did you know they played that in India also? To paint the Arabs as devils and pay, yes pay to the translators to mistranslate the Qur'aan. They played that game well and sowing the seed of hatred. Even they rounded up the Pope to issue a fatwa against the infidel Muslims and Jews. The Muslim kings countered the dirty game by mistranslating the Qur'aan themselves. Both sides have duped the public far too long.

There are some, yes a few individual Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Jews…. who refuse to see another point of view and they are just a few but vociferous ones.

The discussion between those who are bent on destruction and those who want to bring peace will continue. Krishna, Rama, Moses, Mohammad, Christ and just about every great spiritual teacher has encountered it.

The purpose of religion is to help humans regain their balance, those who get the religion, any religion into their blood stream are a majority and there will always be a few who don’t get it, even though they claim to be Muslims, Hindus or whatever… they are evil individuals, not their religion.

Mike Ghouse
Their letter ::

Dear CAIR: We are going to publish Dr. Brahmachari's version in Hindtoday, while it is a general perspective that Holy Quaran has verses that ignites violence against 'Kafirs', neither the nor the mention any such verses. Does it mean that CAIR is deliberately shields those verses from public & lists only verses those talk about Communal Harmony.

The right approach should be list them & explain them instead of ignoring them. Terrorists use those verses to defend their action. Another thing which is discussed that, who needs such verses most - Common Public or Terrorists. While CAIR devotes its time and energy to educate common public, terrorists started violence even in China !!To stop violence, we need to drop those verses altogether after a global Islamic summit so that no one will join the terrorists to hurt innocent people. Any rebuttal to Dr. Brahmhachari's article would be great.
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